Choose Glas Associates for a beautiful custom home

Our team at Glas Associates works together to streamline communication and work among architects, designers, engineers, and the construction team for efficient, start-to-finish coordination and outstanding results. We are often asked, what makes Glas Associates’ custom homes different? AND Do you only build luxury homes? To us, it’s not the price or the style, or that every selection needs to be the best of the best.

Here’s how we define luxury in homebuilding . . . 

Uncompromising Quality

An Established Process

It’s knowing that our process is established. Collaborating with you from start to finish, our team will guide you through various options and possibilities. We will sweat the details, so you don’t have to. We will guide you through the project decisions and tailor our communication to your preferred level of engagement. Your experience, and our continued relationship, is paramount.

An Established Process

Precise Project Planners

It’s knowing we have spent decades honing our exceptional front-end planning process. The extra diligence we do early in planning, estimating, and understanding your needs, minimizes unexpected surprises later in construction. We are diligent that schedules will be met, costs are on budget and transparent throughout, and work is done efficiently. This starts with having a strong, yet flexible, plan.

An All-In Team of Experts

It’s knowing that everyone we work with, from the early framing crew, to the finishing landscapers, will be highly experienced professionals who can answer any question, tackle unique challenges, and adapt to change as needed. Communication and teamwork are critical to the unique challenges of building the highest caliber, custom homes.

Luxury stone lake house

Uncompromising Quality

It’s knowing the home’s been built-well on a strong foundation, with quality workmanship, for less future worries. We often hear from people who have walked through our homes that they can “just feel the difference”. We have highly consistent results because we employ many of our own craftsmen, use time-tested methods, and only work with the finest subcontractors who share our high standards for building homes.